The peak of Perfection!

Meet Cyan Hijirikawa. The cutest catgirl in the universe.

About Cyan

Cyan is a timid cute musician girl who wants to join her school music band, but she's so timid she never gets to tell them. She is a casual gamer who enjoys playing cellphone games. That is how one day she gets abducted by a game, into a world of musicians. There, she joins Plasmagica, a band formed by idols from different planets in the universe.

Name: Cyan Hijirikawa (聖川 詩杏 シアン)
Age: 14-15
Gender: Female
Height: 154cm
Birthday: May, 24th
Sizes: 82/56/84
Seiyus: Eri Inagawa (Japanese), Bryn Apprill (English)
Likes: Guitar, Strawberries, and Bands.
Dislikes: Fighting, and Dark Monsters

Her Appearances

Cyan is the main protagonist of Show By Rock!!, an anime based in the rythm game with the same name.

Cyan's forms


This is Cyan's original form. In this form she looks a regular high school girl.Except that she's cute as fuck. She doesn't have any special habilities or powers while in this form, she is just a regular girl who enjoys rock music and attends high school.


This is Cyan's form while in the game's world. In this form, Cyan becomes a musician and is able to fight the dark creatures. This form also increases her cuteness level over 9000%.


This is Cyan's form while performing. For those who are more into the fur side! In this form she is also able to fight the Dark Creatures! Beware, scary monsters!

Why Cyan?

- She is shy, meaning that she will not cheat on you! -

- She's good playing music. She can cheer you up with her music when you feel down! -

- You can feed her berries placing them in her mouth for extreme cute moments. -

- She is a good friend. She would never abandon you! -

- She is extremely cute, with 3 different forms. -

To be continued - Under construction!